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creamy chicken ala king

A couple of days ago me and Slide chanced to pass by Landmark supermarket in Trinoma to buy chips.  Inside I saw a long line of people  at The French Baker bakeshop.  I told my husband to go ahead pick up chips and I’ll fall in line with the other people in the bakeshop. I seldom catch the bakeshop on sale, sometimes I was too early or too late but today I’m just on time so I grabbed the opportunity.

Everything at 50% Off

All breads and pastries at The French Baker that was left unsold at the end of the day were put on sale for 50% off, 30-45 minutes before closing.

I’m the 14th in line and there were few breads left… Luckily, when my number was called there was still something left in the shelf… a voul-au-vent (vol.o.van) flaky shell… (Well, to be honest, I don’t know what it was called, I thought it was a bread bowl but, I just learned today that they were different: a voul-au-vent is a french classic, it’s light, round bite-sized shell of puff pastry and; a bread bowl is a round loaf of bread which has had a large portion of the middle cut out to create an edible bowl and it’s not French according to Wikipedia.) 

french baker chicken ala king

I made it really creamy by adding some left over Cream Of Mushroom, milk and flour…

To get the ingredients you can scroll down or click this and it will bring you there.

So What’s That 2 Reasons Why I Love This Dish?

1. …because I’m happy with my picture of the dish.  I’m taking food photos for some time now and  I want to think that I’m getting better and better every day.  This picture of chicken ala king for ME is very good, I am my own works best critique.  Well…  I want to think it that way, at least for the time being until I find a mentor, someone whose passion is taking food photos and cares about my work.

2. …because I’m still here.  Most people who start a blog quit within a few weeks but ME, I’m still hanging on…and tell you what, I’m very proud of just hanging in here.  I am most thankful to all my friends and family who gives a damn telling me that they like my photos that they were salivating just by looking at it… I love that… and you guys don’t know how much confidence it adds to me  everytime I hear that from all of you.  You guys kept me going and going and going…

Let’s all keep on going and going FORWARD…

Again, thank you.  I pray that someday we may all WIN our hearts desires!






 My Super Creamy Chicken A-la King Recipe



1 cup chicken cut into small pieces
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1/4 cup potatoes
1/4 cup carrots
1/4 cup mushroom
1/4 cup corn kernels

1/4 cup bell peppers or pimento

chicken broth
1 tablespoon flour
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1/4 cup Cream of Mushroom



Melt butter in a medium skillet. Add potatoes, carrots. When half-cooked, add cubed chicken, followed by mushrooms and corn kernels. Pour in chicken stock and let it simmer. In a bowl, mix together flour and milk until smooth in texture. Add to the chicken mixture and stir until sauce thickens. Add bell peppers. Season with salt to taste.

When done, scoop the mixture into each of the voul-au-vent shell.

Serve. 🙂




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