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Are you still looking for ideas to serve to your guests this holiday season, especially those who just dropped by to say hello in the spirit of the holiday season? Invite them in and serve any of these three easy to prepare snacks. 🙂

1. Gouda cheese.  My personal favorite is gouda cheese, perfect for my grilled cheese sandwich.  I also used ARLA’s salted butter to brush both sides of the bread before grilling.  Gouda, or “How-da” as the locals say, is a Dutch cheese named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands.  It is a semi-hard cheese that has a nutty and creamy flavor.  🙂


2. Unsalted butter. I also like ARLA’s unsalted butter for my oatmeal cookies. My home-baked cookies have been a family staples. I have been loyal to another butter brand for a long time, until I discovered ARLA’s unsalted butter. My husband asked me what changes I made from my recipe because it tastes extra special this time.  Dang! I used ARLA’s unsalted butter and from this time forward and this will be our official butter. 🙂 


3. Fresh Cheese Herbs and Spices.  I’m not a fan of bread spreads but when I tried ARLA’s Fresh Cheese Herbs and Spices, it changed my mind.  🙂   A few slices of  toasted bruschetta or a simple crackers with ARLA’s Fresh Cheese Herbs and Spices makes a good welcome guest food.  🙂


ARLA is an international dairy company from Denmark and its gaining popularity to local foodies like me. 🙂 

This holiday season #LetInTheGoodness to ARLA’s all-natural dairy that offers no preservatives, no stabilizers or artificial colorants products.  

Arla products are available at leading supermarkets nationwide.  Visit their Facebook page for more recipe ideas this holiday season.



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