About JoyBites

My name is Joy and I am the writer, cook, designer and photographer behind JoyBites.com

I started this blog in July 2012 as a way to record my favorite recipes.  I am 33-year-old mother of 4, a wife, and an occasional crafter.

I hope you will enjoy trying out my recipes where sometimes I add some twists, sometimes I use substitutes from the original recipe, sometimes I experiment big time, but I will make sure I’ll just only share with you my best recipes.

When you try any of my recipe I would appreciate any comments and feedback you may have.


About Joy

I am a mother of 4 small children.  Honestly, I learned cooking from my husband.  He was the one who taught me the basics in cooking and explored from then. (You know when you are a homemaker you don’t have a choice but to learn.)  I discovered I enjoy it a lot.  It’s something that I think of before I go to bed, when I wake up and while I’m doing other things besides cooking…

Organizing my recipes in this website is going to be my lifelong project and I hope to share the joy with you. Thanks for your kind support!


About My Photography

All the photos on JoyBites were taken by me unless it’s mentioned otherwise. I started taking food photos last year.  I remember when I was starting with DSLR camera, I always ask my husband to set-up the camera settings. After a few months I decided to enroll in basic photography which my sister Diane sponsored. I took my photography lessons at Phoenix Knowledge Institute in Makati.  It was fun though short (3 days) I learned a lot and I can say I improved so much.  Though I am more comfortable with shooting food now, it’s still a challenge everyday and I hope to continue improving.

After my photo shoots, I edit my photos using Lightroom.  Without edits my pictures are not as good as you see on my blog.  And it was my husband who taught me how to use it.



It’s not nice to steal. If you would like to feature my work on your site, you can re-write the recipe in your own words or simply link back to my original post for readers to access the recipe. Thank you so much! Also, I am available for freelance work as a food writer and photographer you may email me at [email protected]

Comments & Feedback

I love hearing what you think and appreciate your feedback and comments so please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the end of a particular post. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the contact form. I do my best to reply to the messages I receive, but sometimes life gets in the way. I apologize in advance if that happens.