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Today is the last day of September and my first blog post for this month.  I’ve been too caught up with everyday activities, but I promise I will keep up in the coming months.  🙂

So, last week was a busy week I’ve been trying making bento for the kids and today I’m sharing my kids bento “baon” to everyone.  Nothing fancy, something easy to cook and prepare for school kids.

Chicken Nuggets w/ Egg Wraps Bento

fish fillet bento

Fish Fillet Bento

Roasted Chicken Bento

Hamburger with Mojos

Hamburger with Mojos

This coming month I’ll be sharing some bento recipes, it’s gonna be tempting. 🙂  Keep on checking out my blog I’ll be posting a How To Make Your Own Bento very soon.

I hope these photos inspire you to make one of your own for your kiddos soon.

See yah!





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