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baon recipe

It’s not really “octopus sausage”, but these sausages are cut to shape like octopus. 

Did you think they are really made of octopus?  It’s King Sue chicken sausage, best baon idea!

You have probably seen cute bentos like these with different animal shapes.  Octopus sausages are one of the easiest thing you can make, specially if you ran out of ideas of what to pack for baon, just do not forget to add some vegetables for full packed nutrition.  

king sue sausage

The rice was topped with egg and nori, I cut it in squares and arranged it to look like a checkered table.  It’s fun to eat and a good surprise for little kids.  I remember one of my kid’s teacher went to me and said she giggled when she saw my son’s baon. 

king sue chicken sausage

I hope this easy octopus sausage dish will be helpful when you are busy, you can skip the checkered rice if you like.   Have a nice Tuesday!

Tip: Deep frying the King Sue chicken sausage produce the most beautiful curled tentacles. 


My sponsor, Lock and Lock container, and King Sue chicken sausage sent these to me as a gift. 

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