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beef tapa mekeni

I regularly check for new recipes online, last week I thought of trying Chinese Pepper Steak recipe from one of my favorite food blog site.  It’s pretty easy to do, but I will be needing tons of herbs and spices I’m not familiar with and I’m not sure where to get.  

So I thought of something else, but close to the  Chinese Pepper Steak recipe I found online. I opened my fridge and I saw Mekeni’s Beef Tapa and some bell peppers.  Perfect, the beef tapa has already been seasoned and marinated I will not be needing any herbs and spices. 🙂    I thought it will be fitting to be called Beef Tapa with Bell Peppers recipe. 🙂

I have been saving the Mekeni beef tapa for the weekend (I always save the best for the weekends where all the kids are home and we could all sit down for a breakfast together).  

mekeni beef tapa

sliced bell peppers

Every weekend my  goal is to eat together and enjoy home-cooked meal with good family conversation.  


Our family breakfast has always been fun and interesting, this is the best time we get to know what the kids are up to in school, what they need and if there’s an upcoming event my husband and I should attend to.  This is also the best time to to ask my 7-year old son Poopen what he wants to be when he grows up (he always have different answers 😉 ) .  When he was 4, he said he wants to become a doctor to take care of the sick: when he turned 5 he said he wants to become an astronaut so he could visit Mars and see if we could live there; a few months ago, he said, he wants to become  a robotics engineer to build robots to protect the world; last week he changed his mind and wanted to become a computer programmer to build computer games and asked me to let him play in my computer all day so he will decide this early which game he will build when he grows up (but for all I know, he just wants dibs in my computer).  Fun right?

Breakfast is one of the best times to sit down, share stories, express our need and love for each other and in the process, strengthening our bond as a family.  Sharing our precious moments over our popular Filipino breakfast meals, besides beef tapa, we also like tocino, longganisa and crispy fried bacon of Mekeni. 🙂  I have a couple of favorite brands when it comes to breakfast meals, but Mekeni shines the most, besides the quality of its award winning brand, they have something I hold in my heart so dearly, I’ll share that to you in my next blog post.


Looks like I said so much about breakfast time, I totally forgot about the recipe. Hahahaha. 

So, here’s the recipe of Beef Tapa and Bell Peppers. Enjoy and I hope you make time to make this at your own kitchen because it’s really good. 🙂 Your children will eat the bell peppers. 🙂

Beef Tapa with Bell Peppers Recipe
  1. 450g Mekeni Beef Tapa (sliced)
  2. 1 yellow bell pepper (cut into strips)
  3. 1 red bell pepper (cut into strips)
  4. 1 onion (chopped)
  5. 4-6 tablespoons of oyster sauce
  6. toasted sesame seeds
  1. 1. Heat a pan or a skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil to pan; Add beef tapa to pan; cook 2 minutes, searing on one side. Add bell peppers and onions; cook 2 minutes or until beef loses its pink color, stirring constantly.
  2. 2. Add oyster sauce; cook for another 2 minutes or until oyster sauce is incorporated with the other ingredients. Sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional).


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