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bukopandan recipe

I get the sweetest delight from my children’s faces everytime I made them the sweetest desserts.

Everyone looked forward to home-made dessert specially every weekends.

A couple of weeks ago I made them buco pandan. I twisted it a little by using vanilla ice cream for condensed milk.  I shaped the gulaman in circles enough to fit the glass bowl and I grated some cheddar cheese to top it up, just like in the picture above.

To make it more special I used unflavored green gulaman.  I boiled the gulaman together with the pandan leaves for flavor.  I remember my eldest daughter said: “This is the best buco pandan ever!”

I’m all smiles.

You can try it too.  Recipe is just below:


Buco Pandan Recipe



2 cups buco strips

1 cup vanilla ice cream

1 pack Alaska Crema All purpose cream (whipped)

1 pack Ferna green gulaman (cook as per instruction, just add 1 pandan leaf when boiling)

2 tbsp grated Eden Cheese



Combine them together. Chill and serve.


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