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Have you heard the term depth of field or DoF in photography?

Depth of field means, the sharp area surrounding the point of focus.

Look at this picture of our cat Monica.

depth of field

Photo Credit- Elise Gurtiza


Where do you think is the DoF?

EXACTLY, in her face, that’s the only part that is sharp everything that surrounds it including her ears are blurry.

 Making Creative Shot

One of the first steps toward taking more creative photos is learning how to control how much of your picture is in focus.

Now, look at this photos of my daughter Lily.  Almost same shot but different focus makes it tell a different tale.

depth of field

This shot was taken using a DSLR camera although, you can take shots like this effect using your point and shoot camera or your phone camera the only limitation I see is that you have to be very close to your subject.

Using your point and shoot, set your camera in Macro mode – find the flower icon.

Get to your subject really, really close, like 2-3 inches away, compose your subject and take the picture.   


If you focus it properly, your picture should look like this:

depth of field

Notice that not everything are sharp, only the subject that I choose to focus on are sharp.  My subject stand out from its background making it look more interesting.

To achieve this using your camera phone, choose your subject, and tap the screen of your phone where you want your camera to focus then fire it away.

Pretty easy for point and shoot and camera phone.  If you are going to use your DSLR besides the depth of field we have to learn the aperture too.  I’ll discuss more about the aperture in my next post.

I hope this post is helpful.  If you have questions please use the comment box and I will reply after 3 years… I meant 3 days max. 🙂

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