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best baon ideas

A few weeks from today school will start and your race to the grocery store starts now.  Getting out of bed at 4:00AM to prepare baon for school kids will be part of your daily routine again.

Do you have this feeling that thinking of what to make for baon is equally exhausting as preparing it, not unless your plan to give your children all week hotdog and chicken nuggets.

Of course you want variety and you might be considering the nutrition content too. You would probably thinking of food presentation as well — beautifully presented baon are the envy of most classmates.

I have four children, this early I’m collecting all the baon recipes I made from last year and putting it on a folder so I can recreate them this school year.  Yes, I will recycle my old baon recipes.

The good news is I will share it with you to save you some mindless act of picking instant and redundant food in the grocery store.  Plus, I’ll be sharing with you too all the baon containers, or lunch bag sets I will find functional and cute.

My first entry to my very first “Best Baon Ideas 2015″ is the chicken strips with ranch dressing dip — recipe next week.

lock and lock hello kitty container

For snacks, you will find my ham and cheese bear sandwich.

lock and lock bento sandwich

For treats, I just bought a couple of sweets in the grocery and placed it in a Lock & Lock Hello Kitty container with divider.

lock and lock container

For the first day in school I will pack big baon for the kids, just like this.  Good food to share can start a good conversation and make a few new good friends.

lock and lock container

I bought this nice Lock & Lock, Hello Kitty Lunch set, first because it’s thermal, it can keep the food warm for a couple of hours.

lock and lock hello kitty container

It’s big, this lunch bag set includes 3 food containers.

lock and lock hello kitty container

Plus, my daughter Luisa, likes Hello Kitty!

lock and lock tumbler

The Lock & Lock Hello Kitty tumbler is not part of the lunch bag set, you have to buy it separately.

It’s quite expensive compare to other brands you will find in the kitchen appliances section in the mall. The lunch bag set and the tumbler costs a little bit over Php2,000.  Beside the beautiful Hello Kitty design, it’s expensive because it’s BPA free!  If you go over the plastic sets in the kitchen appliances section in the mall look for a BPA free tag in the containers or bottles and notice that they are all expensive.  I read that products with BPA has negative health effects specially to young ones, so better safe than sorry, right?

I’m not a health conscious freak, but I pay special attention to you get what you for idea.  BPA free plastic containers are big deal.

So there you go… Please keep on checking my blog for new and exciting Best Baon Ideas, it will kick in first week of June 2015.  I promise I will share only simple, easy to eat, easy to make recipes.

Talk again soon!







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