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chocolate chip pancakes recipe

Pancakes again, Nanay?

The beauty when you hear your children say the word “again” in their most unappreciative tone when you serve them food is to innovate, challenge yourself or make something out of the ordinary with one exception; you are a true creative momma and a superwoman in every way.

Eeeeek… Sadly, I’m not.

The truth is, get annoyed when my children start whining and didn’t eat the food I serve. I find them very ungrateful, unappreciative and sometimes rude.  I am very tempted to say this to them: “Alam mo ba kung ilang bata ang hindi kumakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw tapos ikaw pangalawang meryenda mo na iyan nagrereklamo ka pa…”

Raise your hands if you feel me.

Well… Buti na lang may Google.

So I found this recipe and I spare myself from whining children.

In this recipe I just added 3tbsp of semi sweet chocolate chips and TADA!  Breakfast is served!


In this picture, I drizzled it with cold cream which made it even more interesting.  You know the feeling of hot and cold inside your mouth?  This is it exactly. 🙂


Here are the ingredients:

1. 3tbsp semi sweet chocolate chips

2. 1 pack Maya Quick and Easy Hotcake Mix follow the instruction at the back of the package and just add the chocolate chips.

3. You can add pancakes syrup if you wish or spread some butter and sprinkle it with sugar, your choice!

Enjoy and Serve.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Talk soon!






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