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If you have left over tinapa, I suggest you start flaking it and fry it again.  🙂  So you can make a great toppings for you nacho chips!  
nachos with tinapa fish
Surprise!  Nachos na may tinapa toppings!!!

This is absolutely delish!

The olives and salsa compliments the crispy fried tinapa, or it is the other way around? Whatever, this one is really delicious.

nachos and tinapaI’ve read when making a menu for a restaurant you have to make the name of the dish stand out, compare to Nachos with Tinapa the name Nachos with Crispy Fried Tinapa Flakes sounds a lot more delicious right?

So you may ask… why tinapa… you might be looking for a variety and this one is a good try. 🙂

Here’s another mouth watering picture of my very own Nachos with Crispy Fried Tinapa Flakes.

nachos with crispy fried tinapa flakes


For the ingredients click here or scroll down…



Nachos with Crispy Fried Tinapa Flakes Recipe


Nacho Chips (I’m buying at S&R for P200+ pack of 4, I like S&R brand because it’s less salty and always crispy but you can find  it also in SM Hypermarket, Landmark or at any grocery stores near you.)

Cheese Whiz dissolved in milk


Salsa (you can make your own but for quick and easy kitchen life a bottle of salsa costs less than P100.00)



Put them all together and indulge!



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