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Super delish!  

I am accustomed to eating and making buko pandan salad but pandan jelly with corn kernels salad?  Nah! Absolutely no!

One day my sister Desiree and I chanced to drop by at Taft Ave in Metropoint to run some errands. We decided to get some snack before we head back home. We were busy looking around when I came across trays of dishes displayed outside the open area of Casa Ilongga restaurant, their place is old and dingy.  I said to myself, perfect, their food must be cheap (hahaha), because I’m sure I’ll be paying for it since I’m the one who asked her to snack.

I had pancit palabok and she got herself buko pandan with corn kernels salad.  I asked her we share my pancit since it was surprisingly delicious, she offered her salad because it is delicious too.  I took a spoonful and I must agree it was odd because of the corn kernels mixed in the pandan flavored jelly but it was really good.  So good that I offered her to eat all her salad and she can have my pancit. 😛

It was fun discovering new odd but delicious food like this.  It’s easy to make too.

This is how it looks like after you mix all the ingredients.  Still looks good, right?


A friend asked me if I put on cheese, I said no since the one I had doesn’t have one.  She told me a friend of her too made something like this but used strawberry jello and had cheese and tasted very good too, I promised her I’ll make one soon.

Happy Monday everyone!




Pandan Jelly with Corn Kernels Salad


1 pack Ferna Jelly Gulaman (Buko Pandan Flavor) 90g

1/2 cup Del Monte Summer Crisp Golden Sweet Corn (I recommend using this one, it’s sweet and really crisp compare to others, it’s available in Landmark and S&R)

1/2 cup Alaska All-Purpose Cream mixed with 1 tbsp of sugar


Put them all together and enjoy!


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