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My son has been asking me to make him pancake for breakfast so, before we headed to The Linden Suite to celebrate mother’s day we stopped in a small grocery store to pick up some chips and drinks and a pancake mix.

When we finally get to our suite and my daughter is unpacking the grocery she said that we can also put the pancake mix in a rice cooker, just like what she saw in the magazine.  Suddenly, there was a light bulb over my head  and I said, yes why not, what a brilliant idea.  So the next morning I prepared the batter mix and put it in the rice cooker.

And this ladies is my rice cooker cake:

rice cooker cake recipe

rice cooker cake

Top it with banana slices and drizzle with Clara Ole Choco Syrup! Yum!

I took all the photos beside the big glass window in our hotel room with the curtains on as a diffuser so I can have a soft, beautiful light for my cake.

rice cooker cake recipe

To make it you just need a pancake mix, I used Maya Quick and Easy Pancake Mix.  Follow the instruction at the back of the package and put it in your rice cooker and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.

rice cooker recipeIMG_1198


Sweet and easy, right?

Try this rice cooker cake recipe soon.


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