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It’s never easy being busy!  I know you know. 😀

Just recently I decided that every weekend I make something special for my family specially for my children.  One of the decisions I made was to cook, bake or buy something sweet that we can eat together for desserts or snacks.

So last weekend I made snacks and called it “Chocolate Peach-Cream Sandwich”.  I used chocolate hotcake mix, whipped cream and canned peaches and I freeze it for about an hour.

My two big girls thought the sandwiches were pretty.  Well… it was really nice  to look at and gratifying to the taste.  It was that good that they finished everything fast and totally forgot about their two younger siblings who were taking their afternoon naps.

Picture na lang ang naabutan nung dalawa. Hahaha!  I promised my two younger children that I’ll make again next week.

I’ve been busy the past few weeks but I thought I add some more of value to my long list of TO DO like preparing something every weekend for my children.  Growing up I want them to think and associate weekend in words like matamis, pagkain, masarap, nanay, tatay, pamilya, bahay, happy

You guys rock this week!










Chocolate Peach Cream Sandwich Recipe



1 cup whipped cream

200 g chocolate hotcake mix (follow package instructions)

1/2 cup diced canned peaches

chocolate syrup


Cut the pancakes into small circles.  Spread some whipped cream and add some diced peaches.



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