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Happy girls are the prettiest.

I must agree…

Think about it… but first of all let me share my weekend treat (drum roll please)…


These smoothies made me very happy last weekend.  I used a couple of  concentrated  juices and pour in milk and ice and….

Everyone please have a sip of my strawberry smoothie using Nesquick Strawberry!

Orange smoothie using Sunquick Orange!

And last but not the least my children’s favorite… chocolate smoothie!

Preparing something simple and delicious for my family makes me a happy girl. 🙂

Taking pictures, blogging and sharing it to the world makes me thankful for everything life brings me… I hope somewhere out there’s someone in my little own way I make to smile and be happy about anything (kahit sa isang kasap mata lang)…

Have the most refreshing week everyone!

Take care!






Here’s the recipe, please adjust according to taste!





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