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cheesecake toppings

Ahh… cheesecake… again!

But this time it’s individually packed with spoon!

cheesecak spoon

I think these wooden spoons are cute.

My kids were very fascinated when they saw it.  You know how kids like small and cute stuff.

Elise said we can use it for restaurant-restaurant play where she and Luisa serve plastic toy food on plastic toy plates as they take turns pretending to be a waitress and the chef while me, Slide and the two babies were the customers.

cheesecake with cherry

The kids put the toppings.  We have Oreo, Comstock Cherry and fruit cocktail toppings.

assorted cheesecake

My two big girls love it and saved some for their “baon”.

They were afraid that if they will not keep some for themselves for “baon” it might be eaten all by Poopen.

poopen and cheesecake

For recipe you can check my old post on Yummy No-bake Cheesecake with Blueberry Topping

Next week, frozen banana soaked in chocolate naman!


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