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We don’t usually eat together for breakfast on a school day.  My eldest daughter leaves for school at 5am and my three other children leaves at 7:25am.  

We only eat breakfast together on a weekend where the kids sleep in and everybody wakes up well-rested and refreshed.

Every Sunday I make sure that we all eat breakfast together.  It’s the best time I show off my best home-cooked meal.  


It’s sometimes restaurant-style dining experience. 😛

I love it when my  youngest daughter Lily in her pajamas would ask me in her soft, early morning voice: I know what is for breakfast.

I will ask back: What?

Lily: Delicious!

Then we will both make fake scream. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!

For me it’s like “achievement unlocked” for the day. 🙂


Recently, I discovered another breakfast meal that’s good to go with rice and egg.  I always like egg and rice in the morning and it has become a customary in our breakfast meal, our breakfast without rice and egg is not breakfast (you know what I mean)

I was introduced to Mekeni Longanisa a couple of weeks ago.  I’m not a fan of longanisa, specially the ones in the palengke.  

I remember my mother tells us not to eat longanisa because we are not sure what kind of meat they stuck there, but Mekeni is different.  I tried it and I let my children try it too, I’m surprised that my eldest daughter liked it. She doesn’t like eating sweet processed meat but she said it is delicious, she likes it and she wants it for baon for school. My son, Poopen likes it for lunch and dinner too. 😀

Mekeni Longanisa has a nice, sweet and salty balance.  The taste and texture came together perfectly evident to its award-winning brand quality.

Mekeni Native longanisa
So next time, you went grocery shopping look for Mekeni Longanisa and I’m sure you will like it too. 🙂  



If you are wondering why my egg looks like that, I fried it together with a sliced bell pepper and sprinkled with fresh basil, it taste different but good, try it too. 🙂





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